Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lego Birthday Cake

Sorry for the lack of updates - we've had workmen in our house replacing flooring and re-carpeting, and I'm now 36 weeks pregnant so I haven't had much time to make cupcakes.

Lego Birthday Cake for my friend's 25th birthday - he used to love Lego as a kid ;)

The bottom layer is Betty Crocker Devil's Food chocolate cake, and the top layer is Betty Crocker vanilla cake (tinted bright Lego colours - red, blue, green and yellow). The frosting is 2 sachets of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting, with about 3 cups of icing sugar and some light cream added - it's delicious!!

Two workmen covering the last Lego brick with frosting ;)

Sweeping up the sprinkles


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